As the temperature rises, so does the uncomfortableness of a face mask. With the heat, some face masks may make you feel gross and wet from the moisture of sweat. The good news is that there are breathable masks available that fix this issue.

An Expert Opinion

Dr. Rand, chief medical officer of Live Cell Research, shares some advice on maks. According to Dr. Rand, the typical mask, which is not the medical N95 masks worn by medical professionals, can provide an increased 10-30% protection against the COVID-19 virus. Because of this, it’s important for people to find masks their comfortable wearing. Dr. Rand says it starts with the fabric choice.

“Cotton, wool, polyester, and other fabrics—preferably all washable—can be used,” says Dr. McClain. “The weave and its density are responsible for its breathability as well as its protection, but—in terms of protection—most any fabric one chooses will provide significant protection to others, and therefore ultimately to oneself as part of the community, from transmitting the virus through droplets and aerosolized breath.”

With no near end to the rising temperatures, it will be smart to have a few comfortable, breathable masks in rotation.

7 Breathable Summer Masks

Matteo Cotton Face Mask (Set of 5), $25

The Matteo set is made from 100% cotton, making them breathable, while their double layer of protection makes them safer. Their linen straps are also comfortable.

Kitsch Cotton Face Mask (Set of 3), $12

If you’re looking more of a statement piece while staying safe, these 100% cotton masks may be the right choice for you.

Old Navy Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks (Set of 5), $12.50

These three-ply, 100% cotton masks are not only breathable but soft to the touch.

Z Supply Face Covering (Set of 4), $24

This mask has elastic straps, a cotton-polyester mix shell, and a 100% cotton lining.

Beatbasic Face Mask (Set of 2), $13

These masks are breathable due to its cotton fabric. Additionally, they provide extra comfort with an adjustable nose bridge wire to ensure the perfect fit.

Milk N Toast Face Mask With Filter, $10

Not only is this double-layered, cotton face mask soft, it also comes with a pocket for filters.

Shashi Face Mask, $11

This fun, brightly colored mask is made of double-layered jersey cotton.

Original article posted by Well + Good.

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