As COVID-19 infection and death rates continue to increase around the country and in Michigan, Callie Rainey from WWMT interviewed experts about the increase of contracting COVID-19. These experts stated that they expected the rising trend to keep up.

Some experts even say the increase isn’t surprising. One of those is Dr. Rand McClain, an expert in regenerative and restorative health. He is the chief medical officer at LCR Health, a restorative health clinic and research center in California.

“This is particularly a bad time because the rational behind more transmissibility is we’re in doors more. We’re not moving as much. Ventilation isn’t as good. Exercise isn’t what it’s supposed to be,” said McClain. “Yes, we’re more at risk and likely to see an increase.”

Hospitals like Bronson HealthCare Michigan are trying to provide additional information on how to avoid contracting COVID-19.

New pages on their website include recommendations like:

  • Follow travel guidelines
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Wash your hands
  • Social distance
  • Immunize
  • Wear a facemask

McClain adds that the immune system could play a critical role in protecting people against the virus. Your immune system is always important, but it is especially so now.

“Just being cognizant of where you might get infected, to avoid that fine line where the dose is important, where you might get infected, but it’s not enough to get sick because your immune system is strong enough there’s other things you can do,” McClain said.

How should you keep your immune system healthy? McClain suggests getting adequate sleep, staying hydrated, and getting a moderate amount of exercise. You should also try to eat a balanced diet with vegetables, fats, and omega 3’s.

For everyone, staying hydrated should be a priority.

“When you’re around heaters and getting exercise, drink enough fluid because your immune system and your general health is dependent on proper hydration,” McClain said. “Keep the fluids going.”

While aiming to improve your immune system, you should also be aware of what is harming it. McClain suggests avoiding smoking, drinking excess alcohol, indulging in too many sweets, and an overload of stress. Surprising to most people, dental health also plays a role. Try to floss daily.

“Dental health not where it’s supposed to be, it can drag your health down. Something as simple as an abscess tooth could make you more vulnerable to the flu and COVID-19,” McClain said.

Interested in preventative measures for avoiding contracting COVID-19? McClain suggests adding B, C, and D vitamins as well as Zync. Keep in mind that with any changes you make, you should consult your doctor beforehand.

Original Article Posted At WWMT

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