Though some have been speculating different theories pertaining to Conor McGregor’s broken tibia, a doctor of sports medicine isn’t agreeing. He’s not the only doctor as well.

With Dustin Poirier, McGregor headlined UFC 264. Going into UFC 264, the score was tied at 1-1. It was also a trilogy fight. Because of the lower leg injury McGregor fell victim to, the battle was ended due to a doctor’s stoppage. This happened in the first round, making Poirier victorious.

After the injury, many have been speculating about Conor McGregor’s broken tibia. On one hand, some point to preexisting leg issues as the cause. Additionally, the checked kick delivered from Poirier is another popular theory.

One doctor who disagreed with the theory of preexisting leg issues was Dr. David Abbassi. He recently dismissed the notion that McGregor had stress fractures ahead of UFC 264. Abbassi has experience, as he has served as a ringside physician for the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship.

Dr. Rand addressed the other theory—that the “Notorious” one’s shin made contact with Poirier’s elbow off of a kick, leading to the break.

FanSided reached out to Dr. Rand McClain, a doctor who specializes in sports medicine and has treated numerous athletes. McClain dismissed that idea.

“With the supposed kick to the elbow, if you look closely, and again you don’t have to be an expert to have a great view. That was a glancing blow and it really didn’t hit the elbow, it’s more of the inside of the arm and it wasn’t enough energy or force, you can see there wasn’t an abrupt stoppage. It’s just so obvious if you look at those two scenarios (the other being a checked leg kick) on video, that’s not what happened.

“He does seem to roll his ankle because the fracture occurs and he loses his balance. And of course, basic physics takes over and he rolls it laterally and probably to jump to the next question you might be asking me: so what was it? It’s hard to tell but it could have been cumulative. These are fighters and there’s a lot of contact with a tibia to multiple body parts that could have led to a weakening.”

McGregor has undergone successful surgery. He’ll be on crutches for a few weeks.

Article originally posted at MMA News  by Fernando Quiles Jr.

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