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With gyms beginning the reopening process, many Houstonians are wondering if it’s safe to return to the gym. According to sports medicine physician Dr. Rand McClain, continuing home workouts may be what’s best.

“Probably not the best idea if you can get by at home,” he says. “You’re definitely increasing your risk, there’s no two ways about it.”

Even with the risk, many are still tempted to return to their local gym. Soon, with the gyms reopening at 25% occupancy, they’ll have the chance. What should these people do to ensure a safe workout?

“Make sure your gym is doing the best it can to clean. Certainly nightly, but maybe even hourly,” McClain said. “Clean down as much as they can clean down.”

Experts like McClain say to follow the rules required by the state, like wearing gloves and masks. They may not be comfortable, but they are effective. Forgo water fountains and bring your own bottle. It’s also not a bad idea to have some hand sanitizer with you.

Another piece of advice from the doctor? Take it easy when returning.

“Get your rest. Keep your immune system healthy,” McClain advised. “Don’t go for personal bests right now, don’t overtrain, don’t try to and lose that 30 pounds. Because all those things will strain your immune system.”

After working out in a reopened gym, you should wash your clothes, shower, and even disinfect your car’s front seat. These should be done as soon as possible when returning home. Remember, getting sick will put a pause on your fitness goals.

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