Treatment Options for Women & Men

Though menopause symptoms are well-known, it doesn’t make them any less miserable. Its symptoms can affect both personal and professional relationships. These can include night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes, irritability, vaginal dryness, more frequent urination, and others that take a terrible toll. As they age, men also suffer from changes in hormone levels, and many will experience andropause (male menopause), with its own set of uncomfortable issues. Fortunately, the cause of these symptoms is also well-documented – as we grow older, hormone levels decrease. For women, the reduction is exacerbated by menopause as this transition runs its course. In short, all symptoms related to hormone levels can be treated, and often wiped out completely with natural, bioidentical hormone therapy.

Bioidentical hormones are so named because the hormones used as treatment are indistinguishable at the molecular level to the hormones produced naturally in the body. Typically, these hormones are made from chemicals extracted from plants such as yams and soy. As such, they are metabolized in the same, predictable way. Using synthesized hormones that are identical to human hormones (as opposed to those such as a horse estrogens including forms of equilin branded as Premarin (short for “Pregnant Mare Urine”) derived from other animals), hormone levels once enjoyed in youth can be restored along with the function and sensation associated therewith without the risks associated with using “similar” but not identical hormones. At Regenerative & Sports Medicine, we have years of experience in this field. With experience comes expertise – having treated both male and female clients of all demographics. Administrated in our office, these bioidentical hormone treatments are non- or minimally invasive.

Treatments can be administered using oral, topical and injectable forms and have been proven effective in restoring appearance, outlook and activity level to that once maintained in one’s 20′s, while decreasing risk for Coronary Heart Disease, Adult-Onset Diabetes, Colon Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Prostate Cancer, and improving body composition and sexual function and libido.