The ONCOblot® Test is a highly sensitive blood test for cancer. It confirms the presence of cancer as well as the tissue of origin through the detection of ENOX2 proteins.The ONCOblot® Test provides a non-invasive next step to existing tests such as a High PSA, Abnormal Mammogram, Suspicious PET Scan and biopsies. The test is being used to identify cancer of unknown primary (CUP), for recurrence monitoring, post cancer treatments and for targeted high risk populations.The ENOX2 protein species in the blood is unique to malignant cells and absent from non-cancer cells. These proteins can be detected in early development. The ONCOblot® Test identifies the ENOX2 markers and the direct visualization of a marker presence significantly reduces false positives.The ONCOblot® Test reveals the tissue of origin of the ENOX2 protein. The ONCOblot® database contains the following 25+ cancers:• Bladder• Breast• Cervical• Colorectal• Endometrial• Esophageal• Gastric• Hepatocellular• Kidney• Leukemia• Non-Small cell• Lung Small cell• Lymphoma• Melanoma• Mesothelioma• Myeloma• Ovarian• Pancreatic• Prostate• Sarcoma• Squamous Cell• Follicular Thyroid• Uterine• Papillary Thyroid• Testicular Germ Cell

Specifically, the ONCOBlot® can detect the presence of 1 in as few as 2 million malignant cells – the equivalent of, if aggregated, the size of a pinhead (approximately 2 millimeters). This 2 million cells, if aggregated and therefore 2 millimeters in size, is typically too small to be recognized by even the most advanced imaging techniques available. This “early detection” is the key to successful treatment of cancer in general, and, of course, also minimizing the direct and collateral damage caused by treatments available for more advanced cancers.

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