Regenerative & Sports medicine specialist Dr. Rand McClain speaks with Larry Hardesty about knee, ankle and other related injuries as well as methods of rehabilitation.

Dr. McClain breaks down the difference between an ACL and an MCL. The ACL is between the femur and the tibia, while the MCL is on the inside of the knee. Although separate, both can be injured at the same time.


Participants of fantasy football and Giants fans alike are wondering what the recovery time looks like for ankle and knee injuries, considering Ryan Connelly’s torn ACL and Saquon Barkley’s high ankle sprain. Dr McClain’s answer? It depends on various factors.

It can be hard to make a generalization for recovery time because there are so many personal variables, although he does explain that sometimes a strain can be worse than a complete tear. With a complete tear, the course of action is a no brainer, while a strain can require more TLC. A strain is also rough because areas that can be strained often get less blood flow, which takes longer to heal.

Hardesty asks the question that is on most listeners’ minds, which is what can be done to prevent these injuries? Dr McClain explains that there are numerous solutions, some simple like getting rest and eating properly. Ice baths can help reduce inflammation while also increasing blood flow to the area. Warming up before a work out is incredibly important, especially as you age. Other solutions include varied exercises, paying attention to form, and developing symmetrical strength.

Dr. McClain also suggested some solutions that are less well known, like stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma therapy, and peptides.

Listen to the entire interview here. Visit Dr. McClain’s website, which has more information on stem cells and platelet-rich plasma, as well as other health needs.

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