As the coronavirus pandemic continues, masks have become a part of our daily lives. This is because studies have proven that masks minimize the virus’s spread. More recently however, some have been seen wearing two, like at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. In an article for Fox 10 Phoenix, Bailey Miller speaks to experts on whether double masking with non-medical grade masks is needed.

One of these experts is Dr. Rand McClain of LCR Health. He shares that wearing two masks is not a bad idea. Other medical experts agree.

“The idea of doubling up on the mask is to up the mesh, if you will,” said Dr. McClain. “Those who have made their own out of cotton fabric will get and give better protection.”

Many people have been left to their own devices with a shortage of N95 masks. Most commonly, They’ve turned to cotton face coverings of bandanas.

“The problem with those is the filter, if you will, isn’t as tight as an N95 mask,” said Dr. McClain. “More virions can pass through the mask that way, and this is where the second mask may come in handy. You are limiting the number of particles so you might not come down with it.”

Dr. McClain says that the exception are those who wear surgical masks, as they don’t require the additional protection. But those wearing non-medical grade or homemade masks should double mask.

Given that you may need more more masks, check out our article on comfortable masks.

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