The next generation of “Anti-Aging” medicine will be centered in no small part in the evaluation and manipulation of the human genome and epigenome. The scientific community is currently mapping the human genome and determining its relationship, along with the relationship of the epigenome to the genome, to human health and longevity. In addition, the evaluation of whether or not certain drugs should be used to treat various pathologies now includes analysis of an individual’s genes to help assess potential efficacy. Academia and private business are in the very early stages of developing relationships and legal definitions and regulations are currently evolving.

A separate non-profit research company aligned with Regenerative & Sports Medicine is constantly monitoring advancements in genetic research, and, perhaps just as importantly, is navigating the laws that will enable us to make use of this research as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we can currently evaluate certain parts of the genome, known as SNP’s (pronounced “snip’s”), Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms, for predispositions to certain conditions and disease states in order to develop medical strategies to compensate until such time as we can manipulate the genes themselves. It is now possible for anyone to obtain one’s entire genome map as well as any portion thereof and to use that information to medical and healthful advantage.