As gyms across St. Joseph, Missouri reopen, trainers are finding new ways of working out while following CDC rules.

“So every athlete has a 10 by 10 square,” said Brad Durham, owner of B-FIT CrossFit. “We basically made a big checkerboard of our gym. And athletes are actually on the diagonal so they are not even next to each other. So they have even more space.”

B-FIT keeps a limit of 15 people at a time and has adjusted their hours of operation. They’ve also upped their cleaning to every hour or after someone has used that equipment. While it’s odd adjusting to the new rules, B-FIT says they enjoy some of the new practices, as it brings order and a sense of community.

One precaution you can take on your own is wearing gloves while working out. A mask on the other hand may not be a great idea.

“One of the main ones is you grab something like a dumb-bell that someone might have been breathing on when they brought it next to their face and they transmit it there. And then that person who grabs the dumb-bell afterwards puts their hand on their face. You’re not going to get the virus through your fingers. So the glove is not protecting you directly, but it is a reminder not to touch your face,” said Dr. Rand McClain.

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