Whether from HIV or other muscle wasting diseases, Nutritional and Hormonal therapies are combined to provide a safe, effective treatment for the many symptoms related to wasting. Anabolic therapies are used to facilitate gain in lean body mass and reversal of lipodystrophy in wasting patients. Human growth hormone is often indicated and may be legally prescribed for wasting syndromes and specifically HIV.

Nutrition and supplement therapies are available to support the immune system and protect and repair DNA and as well as maintain a positive nitrogen balance. Sermorelin, a human growth hormone releasing hormone analogue, often can be used to reverse lypodystrophy; an abnormal fat distribution that frequently occurs in patients with HIV, usually resulting in excess deposition of abdominal fat along with a reduction in fat in the face. In addition, cosmetic treatments using fat grafting techniques that employ collection processes developed by the cutting edge leader in fat and stem cell collection technology, American Cryostem, combined with delivery techniques developed by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Vincent Giampapa, are now available to transplant unwanted fat from areas of the body to the face to compensate for lipodystrophy. While no studies are available yet, the use of the combination of Testosterone, Nandrolone and Sermorelin along with standard HIV medications currently available has been associated with a reduction in viral load and increase CD4 count in many patients diagnosed with HIV.