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Hormone Replacement

Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapies include those that treat signs and symptoms associated with Menopause, Peri-Menopause, Andropause and Peri-Andropause. Lack of energy, decreased libido, decreased sense of well-being or frank depression, trouble sleeping, dry hair and skin, and changes in body composition (increased fat and decreased muscle) without change in habits are some common signs and symptoms of imbalance(s) in hormones.

Using synthesized hormones that are identical to human hormones (as opposed to those such as a horse estrogens including forms of equilin branded as Premarin (short for “Pregnant Mare Urine”) derived from other animals), hormone levels once enjoyed in youth can be restored along with the function and sensation associated therewith without the risks associated with using “similar” but not identical hormones.

Treatments can be administered using oral, topical and injectable forms and have been proven effective in restoring appearance, outlook and activity level to that once maintained in one’s 20′s, while decreasing risk for Coronary Heart Disease, Adult-Onset Diabetes, Colon Cancer, Osteoporosis, and Prostate Cancer, and improving body composition and sexual function and libido.

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