Plasma, the liquid portion of blood composed of water and proteins, also provides the medium for important cell fragments called platelets. Platelets are vital for healing because they form clots that stop bleeding. Without these platelets, excessive and possibly fatal blood loss would occur at even the smallest of cuts.

PRP–platelet-rich plasma–therapy, or PRP injections, is one of the more recent innovations of regenerative medicine. What is a PRP injection? It involves taking the body’s natural healing process and essentially giving it a boost. It does this by isolating the body’s platelets and re-injecting them into an injured area. This treatment is increasingly regular in treating many common sports injuries and soft tissue conditions. It’s popular amongst athletes because it can replace surgery that would otherwise take them out of action for months. Another common use for PRP injections is cosmetic, making skin appear more youthful in combination with microneedling and hyaluronic acid.

The procedure is simple, non-invasive, and the benefits can yield positive results in as soon as a week. The PRP process involves a PRP doctor who will draw a small sample of blood and then spin it at high speeds to separate the platelets. They will then take the platelet-rich plasma injection and apply it in the area that needs some supercharged healing. There’s plasma treatment for joints, prp injection for muscle tears, platelet injections for arthritis, and plasma injections for pain.

How long do PRP injections last?

So how long does it take for PRP to work? And how long does plasma treatment last?

It ultimately depends on the person, the goal, and the severity of the injured area. On average, PRP injections can last six to nine months, but the results may not be felt until several weeks after. As PRP healing time progresses, symptom improvement will increase. If you’re wondering how many PRP injections are needed, it also depends on what you’re using them for. If you’re treating an injury, it may take three shots in a six month period to get the best results, but sometimes it only takes one or two. If you’re doing it for cosmetic purposes, it’s recommended to get monthly injections for three months, after which it can last for 1-2 years.

The most beneficial part of PRP injection therapy is that it treats injuries that otherwise would require surgery. Unlike surgery, which can take a long time to recover from, this simple procedure does not require virtually any recovery time. The procedure itself typically takes an hour or two, and you can return to normal activity directly after, so it does not interfere with your routine life.


The PRP injection benefits are vast. These injections are a great alternative to pain medications and invasive procedures. They’re safe, simple, and can last a fairly long time. They can treat short term sports injuries, chronic pain, and even turn back the clock on aging skin. Relief is not instant, and every person is different, but it’s a promising therapy for those who previously would have had a physical condition hold them back.

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