There’s never a wrong time to talk about sexual health and the need for intimacy. Your sex life might not be what it was when you were younger, but knowing how to maintain good sexual health is suitable for both you and your partner. Let’s talk about how women’s sexual health changes over time and how to maintain a healthy sexual relationship.

The Importance of Sexuality

Sexuality is one of the core elements of humanity. We all want to be desired and loved. Love and sexual intimacy are integral parts of a healthy and happy relationship — and healthy and happy people.

Research shows that sex is a more significant contributor to happiness than money is. Researchers spoke to 16,000 people and estimated the happiness gained from having sex once a week was equivalent to the happiness gained by earning a $50,000 raise.

Because sexuality and sexual health are important, here are several common problems in women’s sexual health that you should be aware of and work to avoid.

The Connection Between Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Sexual Health

Experts agree there is a connection between overall health and sexual health and satisfaction. Evidence suggests that health conditions such as obesity, for example, have a drastic impact on sexual health. Smoking and stress are other common issues.

The good news is that some simple lifestyle change could be all it takes to know how to keep a healthy sex life.

  • Losing just ten pounds could be enough to boost sex hormone production and improve blood flow
  • Eat nutritious foods low in sugar and cholesterol. Eat more heart-healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, and healthy dairy
  • Get regular exercise. Many wonder, “does exercise improve sexual health?” The answer is yes, it does. Exercise strengthens your heart and builds endurance. Strength training helps because it gives you the strength needed to get through the day and still have energy leftover – energy you can use in the bedroom
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Maintain a positive attitude – embrace your body and your sensuality

Maintain Healthy Communication

A healthy sex life starts with a healthy relationship, which includes healthy communication. Be sure to talk to your partner and set aside time together. Talk to your partner about making love and what you expect from them. Be honest about your physical and emotional expectations.

Safe Sex With Sexual Health

Women should remember they can still get pregnant until they reach menopause. Be sure to use birth control if you are sexually active. Talk to your healthcare provider if you aren’t sure which birth control you need.

Of course, even without the risk of pregnancy, everyone should still understand and practice safe sex. It’s important to use a condom whenever having sex with a new partner. Book a sexual health appointment and talk to your doctor about how to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

How Does Aging Affect Sexual Health?

Getting older is a common factor with most women’s sexual health issues. Estrogen levels drop as women approach menopause, which leads to reduced sexual arousal. Menopause also causes emotional symptoms, including stress. Why is stress management important? It’s because stress is a severe sex killer.

Similar problems occur in men. Testosterone levels dip as men get older leading to less desire for sex. Hormone testing in Los Angeles and testosterone replacement therapy in Los Angeles can help men and women overcome sexual health issues.

Health Conditions and Sexual Health

Problems with your general health could affect your sexual health. Illnesses that affect the cardiovascular system like diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression cause sexual health problems.

The medications for those conditions also contribute to inhibited sexual response in sufferers. Some high blood pressure medications make it more challenging to get aroused. Some medicines make it difficult for people to achieve orgasm.

Please talk to your doctor if you believe your medication is causing sexual side effects. Your doctor may be able to change your medicine to help or prescribe something else — such as supplements for women’s sexual health — to counter the adverse effects.

Surgery and Sexual Health

Surgical procedures that affect your central nervous system or pelvis can have a significant impact on sexual response. The good news is that your body is more resilient than it seems at times. Time heals most things, including the side effects of surgery. With a bit of time and tender loving care from a partner, your sexual desire should come back in full.

How Your Partner’s Health Affects Your Health

Your sexual health can take a back seat when you fall ill—things such as pain, discomfort, and taking medication gain priority over sexual health. Discuss the problem with your partner and see if their alternative ways you can still be close as you recover.

If your partner is ill, then caring for them can reduce your sexual desire. Find time to be a partner and a caregiver so that you feel more relaxed and still enjoy your time together.

Dealing with Different Libido Levels

Differences in sexual desire levels are common with couples of all ages. Couples can get stuck in a routine where one partner initiates sex more than the other. If you tend to avoid sex, consider taking charge. On the flip side, if you’re the one who usually initiates, try talking to your partner about your needs.

If you are concerned about how your partner might respond, use “I” statements to discuss things. Say things like “I think I respond better” instead of making it about them. Be sure to listen to your partner’s needs and understand them as much as you want them to understand yours. Between the two of you, you’re sure to come up with a solution. Remember, it’s the two of you against the problem and not against one another.

Moving Forward

There are several potential reasons for your sexual health problems. Age is a contributing factor, but it isn’t the only one. Please don’t hesitate to consult a women’s hormone specialist in Los Angeles to understand the issue better and work on potential solutions to maintain good sexual health.

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