Ashley Macha with wrote an excellent article on Weight Loss risk as you age. Regenerative & Sports medicine specialist Dr. Rand McClain had the chance to speak on how exactly that can effect the body. breaks down 5 expert tips for losing weight later in life in a healthy way.

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1. Ditch Fad Diets

Often the practice of chasing fad diets leads to a cycle of Yo-Yo dieting – where someone changes diets frequently with diets that are often not sustainable long term. The problem is that’s not how our bodies are built. We are designed to lose weight at a slow and steady pace, not all at once.

2. Sleep is King

A November 2014 study compared adults who averaged 4 hours of sleep per night against adults who received 10 hours of sleep per night, showing that shorter sleep duration is a significant risk factor for weight gain.

Dr. Rand has spoken at length about the importance of sleep. “For the older generation, there’s not an understanding that sleep and rest is an important component to let your body recover.”

3. Find Fun in Functional Fitness

Daily exercise is an excellent habit, but if you’re formant the rest of the day then it’s basically a wash. Find ways to add functional movements into your daily routine: walk instead of driving when it makes sense, perform your usual errands in person instead of online, etc. It’s important for your muscles and joints to continuously stay active throughout the day.

4. Lift Weights

One of our biggest issues as we age is sarcopenia: where our muscle tissue shrinks and we lose muscle mass. Strength training offers the ability to maintain muscle mass with all of the great benefits of exercise.

5. Increase Your Protein Intake

Recent studies have shown adding more protein-rich foods into your diet can help maintain your metabolism and muscle mass.


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