Dr. Rand on the Mark Moses Show

One of the leading doctors in sports medicine, Dr Rand McClain, sits down with Mark Moses to discuss sports injuries, specifically football injuries in the NFL.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Andrew Luck’s retirement, but Dr. Rand McClain thinks he’s smart for a couple of reasons. Luck has already made plenty of money, has not destroyed his body beyond repair, and is putting his health first.

But what about athletes who can’t retire due to money or other factors? Dr. Rand McClain shares that they need to be as preventative as they can through treatments, work outs, and special stances.

The smartest thing athletes can do? Go to doctors in sports medicine, like Dr. Rand McClain, before the injury occurs. Doctors can help you figure out a specific routine that involves unique training and rehabilitation, which, in some cases, prevents an injury from occurring.

Listen to the entire interview on the Mark Moses Show Podcast. Read about more ways to take care of your body on our website.

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