Rand McClain, DO

Rand McClain, DO, is a dedicated regenerative & sports medicine specialist who enjoys helping patients with their complex medical care and providing insightful patient education at Regenerative & Sports Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. Dr. McClain received his medical education from Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California before pursuing a residency program at Keck Medicine of University of Southern California (USC) Hospital in Los Angeles, CA.

He has worked with some of the best health innovators in sports and regenerative medicine, as well as aesthetic and family medicine. Dr. McClain participated as a sports member in two U.S. teams before becoming an osteopathic physician, and he continues to participate competitively. He is an active member of the regenerative medicine community as well. Dr. McClain is the Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer at Live Cell Research, an organization dedicated to the innovation and development of medical technology that is designed to enhance people’s health and quality of daily life through epigenetic manipulation.

Dr. McClain is a medical advisory board member at American Cryostem Corporation, Z.E.N Foods and National Veteran Foundation. In addition, he is passionate about therapy counseling. With each patient, he always listens to their unique medical concerns, and works hard to provide wonderful patient education so that they can understand all therapy options. As a dedicated osteopathic physician, Dr. McClain enjoys studying nutrition, exercise, herbs, supplements, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in his professional as well as personal life. At Regenerative & Sports Medicine, he provides detailed care so that patients can receive the best treatment that suits their needs and goals.