A form of bodywork that includes massage and therapeutic exercise and activity, NMT can be used to eliminate pain secondary to misalignment, abnormal muscle physiology, and nerve entrapment. Over time and with use (and misuse/overuse) muscles can become hypertonic (too tight) and/or form adhesions that not only affect movement and performance but alignment of tissues and bones to which they are attached. In addition, nerves that travel through muscle tissue as well as through and by bones and fascia affected by those muscles can be negatively affected to cause pain and dysfunction. The musculoskeletal system can be viewed much like a Human Erector Set in that by tightening and loosening certain components (various muscles) we can align the skeleton and improve function and eliminate painful dysfunction.

Adhesions (unwanted connections between muscle fibers that limit motion and can cause pain) and hypertonicity can be reduced or eliminated by consistently using techniques (including some simple nutritional and supplement protocols that provide protective mechanisms against adhesions and hypertonicity) that counter the effects of overtraining and misuse. Breaking apart adhesions via application of gentle but effective external force as well as the use of certain therapeutic exercises and activities designed to counter the effects of overtraining and misuse and the diagnosed misalignment is part of a protocol to correct the problem(s) diagnosed. Further, the combination of regular manual manipulation (massage) to “loosen” certain muscles with therapeutic exercise and activity to strengthen and make more supple certain muscles and relieve nerve entrapment can not only restore the musculoskeletal and nervous system to its original state of painless function, but is an essential part of a proactive maintenance of optimum health and function.