Michael Bell

Chief Operating Officer

With more than 20 years of healthcare experience, Michael has quickly established himself as a business development leader with success throughout the healthcare industry. Spanning work across sales, marketing, and client services his career comprises expertise in; comprehensive regional, territory, and account management, operations management, long-term business strategy, leadership strategies and cutting-edge client solutions to improve the quality of life for patients and their families.

Within every professional capacity Michael takes a proven customer-centric approach to all business endeavors. An excellent communicator, he thrives in opportunities to present research and strategy to patients, identifying and driving opportunities for their personal growth and improve their quality of life.

As an accomplished professional, Michael has earned numerous distinctions for exceptional performance and leadership. As he’s advanced through numerous organizational levels and assumed progressive responsibilities, Michael sustained a personal commitment to; integrity, ethics, transparency, and dependability. With a robust education background, a wealth of business acumen, and diverse expertise, Michael is poised to thrive amid challenge, pioneer leading-edge solutions, and driving continued success of our patients at Regenerative and Sports Medicine.