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Despite media claims to the contrary, sexual health is more complicated than resolution through taking a pill for erections (with no pharmacological “solutions” for women and a 30% failure rate for men). Cardiovascular health, fitness, mental health, nutrient status and hormone levels all influence sexual health of men and women. An evaluation of the cause of sexual dysfunction precedes any successful treatment designed to improve sexual function, libido, sensitivity, and ability to achieve orgasm. Once the source of dysfunction is determined, there are many treatment protocols that effectively assist men and women to improve sexual function and restore libido.

Nitric oxide precursors such as L-arginine, L-ornithine and L-citrulline alone, or, preferably, in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise, hormone balancing, and a diet that reduces glycation of proteins, can be used to correct erectile dysfunction.Similarly, with topical formulations and by making improvements in diet, exercise and hormonal balancing, women, too, can benefit with increased sensation and libido.

Procedures performed same-day and in-office using one’s body’s own growth factors, peptides and stem cells can now be used by men to reverse erectile dysfunction (ED) and increase penis size, and, for both men and women, to improve sensitivity, and for women, to improve bladder control.

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