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During the pandemic, staying healthy has been at the forefront of people’s minds. Daily Mom has compiled a list of the top nutrients, supplements, and foods to keep your body in tiptop shape.


If you’ve found yourself over indulging this summer, you may be looking for assistance in the weight loss department. LCR Health is here to help. Their weight loss formula, Active-PK, helps you loose weight by reactivating AMPK. This is the enzyme in charge of converting food into energy. Not only will you be loosing weight, you’ll be feeling better than ever!

Active ingredients Berberine and Gynostemma leaf extract not only reduce cravings but also supercharge energy levels and blast that pesky belly fat. With a serving size of two capsules a day, you’ll notice a difference within a couple of months. You’ll see the difference in your figure and looser fitting clothes. LCR Health believes in its products so much that it backs them with a 100% money-back guarantee, giving you the confidence you need to embark on your staying healthy and fit, summer weight-loss journey!


Though summer is not the perfect time for hot chocolate, who says you can’t break the rules! Fall is approaching faster than not anyway. Satisfy a craving while receiving the immune-boosting power of mushrooms with Mind Unwind Mushroom Hot Chocolate. It blends reishi, chaga, maitake, and turkey tail mushrooms with unfrosted cacao and coconut. The drink is versatile so it’s potent whether you drink it in the morning or at night.

WonderDay Mushroom Gummies

No one wants to endure a cold, sickness, or flu, no matter what time of year. Protect your body with easy-to-chew WonderDay Mushroom Gummies. It offers whole body support and balance with 10 functional, adaptogenic, research-backed mushrooms. Not only is it good for you, but the raspberry flavor is delicious too!

Advanced Cold Control

Speaking of a cold, shifting whether is on the horizon. The best way to fight the oncoming cold symptoms is Advanced Cold Control. It’s a practitioner-backed formula designed to activate your body’s immune response during seasonal changes. No matter what the weather or season, this product helps you stay at your best.

Advanced Lung Guard

Breathing freely has always been important, but COVID-19 has showed the importance of a healthy respiratory system. And nothing helps a respiratory system stay healthy like the research-backed Reishi Mushroom and herbs found in the Advanced Lung Guard. This helps your lungs feel strong and ready to battle whatever is thrown at them—like free radicals, pollutants, and environmental stressors. With 1000mg of herbal ingredients, it makes staying healthy like a walk in the park – so breathe deep and breathe often!

Protect Your Face

Now that we’ve pampered our insides, it’s important to pay attention to our skin as well. with Plant People’s Revive Face Serum and their Restore Face Mask, you can feeling glowy while visible reducing the signs of aging. The Revive Face Serum contains 13+ mighty botanicals that not only make you feel like you’re at a spa, but nourish your skin beautifully. As you wind down for the night, rejuvenate with 19+ formidable botanicals within the Restore Face Mask, designed for all face types for those who want their skin to stay healthy too!


We don’t need to tell you there are plenty of stressors in the world. Whether it’s work, home life, or the news, you may feel like you’re in a constant state of anxiety and worry. Usually when people feel this way, sleep is hard to find. Finding supplements that work can be challenging though, as harmful chemicals and side effects can through a wrench in our body’s natural chemicals. For a good night’s sleep without the harmful chemicals and side effects, we are turning to CBDistillery.

Sleep Starter Pack

When it comes to sleep, the Sleep Starter Pack is the perfect place to start. Included in the pack are Sleep Gummies and the 1:3 CBN:CBD Sleep Tincture (150mg CBN + 450mg CBD). In partnership with the tincture, the gummies are infused with melatonin to maximize your rest. You’ll find yourself relaxed, calm, and getting the rest you so desperately need. In turn, you’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Our lives are surrounded by fear, worry, stress, and anxiety. This translates into a suppressed immune system, poor decision making, brain fog, and an overall miserable feeling. How do you get back to feeling like yourself? The easiest solution is to grab 23Vitals. With just one scoop, this product provides total immune coverage, ingredients to optimize organ function, calm and energize an overworked immune system. You even have the option to pick between mouth-watering Strawberry Lemonade or Orange Creamsicle flavors.


It’s no surprise more and more people are taking CBD, as there are so many benefits. Not only does it provide better sleep, it can reduce stress, provide more focus, and ease pain and inflammation. If you’re looking to get started, it’s time to try Pure Craft CBD. Their Nano CBD Infused Vegan Broad-Spectrum Gummies are made in their own facility (not outsourced), vegan, and infused with CBD, not just spray-coated. They use a handcrafted approach, making their product quality second to none.

Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad-Spectrum Gummies

Immunity is of the upmost importance these days, and gummies are the best way to provide an extra boost. Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad-Spectrum Gummies provide not just the benefits of CBD, but also the power of elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc. No matter what you’re doing this summer, make sure your body is ready for it too.

Nano Delta 8 Infused Vegan Gummies

Looking to up the intensity? Nano Delta 8 Infused Vegan Gummies are the answer. Avoid the negatives sometimes experienced with Delta 9 THC products and get your relaxation on instead. (If you’re new to CBD, you’ll definitely want to start slow with these.) When it comes to your body, you want the best. That’s why Pure Craft CBD puts in the extra work, so you can feel as good about your CBD as it makes you feel!


We’re still battling this pandemic, making health even more of a priority than before. Synergy’s SuperPure Ginger Extract is an organic capsule to improve immune response and healthy digestion. You may not have known, but ginger is one of the most powerful natural herbs. It has the power to calm the digestive system when it is upset or stressed. Because of this, ginger has been used to ease nausea and motion sickness symptoms. The extract is made with organic ingredients to help improve your health one day at a time.

Organic Blue-green Algae Powder

Did you know that algae powder can be good for you? Organic Blue-green Algae Powder is an energizing, nourishing, cleansing, and regenerative superfood in a single scoop. Enhance your mental clarity, boost your stamina and energy with certified organic herbs. The Blue-green algae contain antioxidant-rich carotenoids and chlorophyll to support your immune system and staying healthy. Improve your body’s ability to detoxify with one powerful scoop of energizing powder a day.

Synergy’s Zinc Complex

When it comes to overall health, Synergy’s Zinc Complex is a godsend. It’s packed with great ingredients like fermented zinc and an organic food complex of shiitake mushrooms, vitamin C berries, and wholesome green vegetables and sprouts. If you’re looking for healthy cognitive function, eyes, skin, reproductive systems, and gut health, then look no further. These Zinc Complex capsules can do all of that while being soft on your body, so you can get what you need done.

 Super B-Complex

Sure, you may hear about Vitamin B being an important vitamin for your overall health…but why exactly is that? The Super B-Complex is the perfect balance of all eight essential B vitamins as well as three important cofactors in a potent energizing formula. Made with certified Organic herbs and vitamins, these capsules can help enhance energy, relieve stress, and assist in a healthy nervous system. Not only do the Super B-Complex capsules promote a healthy nervous system, but they also promote radiant skin, hair, and nails. It’s gentle on your stomach but powerful enough to help you improve your overall health one capsule at a time – this is why it’s so awesome!


It’s crazy how many daily health problems could be solved by drinking more water. Dehydration can cause digestive issues, headaches, irritability, and fatigue. Alleviate these symptoms Pathwater.

Their still water is ultra-purified, so you know you’re getting the best of the best.

Packed with electrolytes, it’s perfect for packed hot summer days. Replenishing your body’s fuel without single-use plastic is possible now with Aluminum. This bottle is sleek, lightweight, and kind to Mother Earth!

Swing Top Bottle Cap

Additionally, their stronger-than-ever bottle is easy to refill and go. Path makes life easy with their Swing Top Bottle Cap. These custom caps make it easier than ever to hydrate everywhere you go. Each of these caps have a pivoting handle to attach to your bag, so it’s by your side no matter where summer takes you. They’re also available in four colors so feel free to get creative with your Pathwater choices.

Continue the customization with their water bottle sleeves. Not only do they keep your water cool, they are available in pleasantly pleasing colors, adding a pop of sophisticated fun to your outfit.

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