Patients reviews

Dr McClain is very easy to talk with goes over any issue explaining it in common layman terms along with finding solutions.

Scott W.

Dr. McClain is a great practitioner who takes the time to get to know you, your individual goals and needs, and provides effective healthcare solutions aimed at best quality of life and longevity.

Todd G.

Dr. Rand is awesome!! Really took his time to answer all my questions and concerns . i’m extremely thankful I found Dr. rand .

Alpesh K.

I always get the best advice and patient care.

Traci C.

I had a great time during my initial consultation. The staff was welcoming and friendly.

Cain M.

What a great experience at Dr. McClain's office and Regenerative & Sports Medicine office. I've had years of knee issues and many kinds of injections to address the issues in the knee. Dr. Rand was so great, no pain at all with the injections, and he was very specific and thorough in his work. He explained everything in detail and covered every aspect of the joint that has been damaged. His staff was great, punctual and I highly recommend anyone who has a joint that's not responding to other treatments, and if you are looking for other ways to regenerate your body and fight the aging process, this is the only place to go. Mary Trumpi, DC

Mary T.

Great people at Office. Wonderful communication Dr. is a genius in his knowledge

Frank C.

They are an amazing office to deal with!!! Dr McClain is awesome, takes his time and never makes you rushed.

Samantha F.

The doc and entire staff are friendly and professional. Definitely the best of the best.

Steve S.

Thorough doctor and friendly staff

Kevin R.

Dr. McClain spent unhurried time with me answering all my questions and addressed all my concerns. His concern was taking care of me and that’s exactly what he did. I wish all my doctors were so gifted.

Caleb A.

The DR knows his stuff. Very kind and helpful. Talks and explains things with the upmost respect. Very detailed.

Dennis A.

Rand is the most knowledgeable and personable Doctor in his field. He has totally changed my life and given me knowledge that will keep me young and vibrant for decades to come. Six years, I’ve been with Rand and I’ve sent over a dozen men to him (and my wife) and every single person raves about him and how he’s changed or enhanced their life. Just the best.

Matthew C.

I feel fortunate and very privileged to pe patient of Dr. Rand McClain who takes a sincere interest in my complete well being and health. It is rare in todays times of such a fast paced society to have a Doctor who has reached the highest degree of his profession take such a deep interest in me as he does with all of his patients. I am very fortunate indeed, Arthur Szenczy

Arthur S.

Dr Rand is very knowledgeable and has helped me feel so much better!

Brian G.

I am Dr McClain’s patient for over 5 years now. He is actually the most knowledgeable and honest Dr that I have. He listens carefully, he is friendly and always in great mood. I feel well taken care of, it’s like you are talking to a friend or some cousin that likes you. We need more ppl like him, and also learn to appreciate him.

Orjen C.

Thanks doctor Rand. He helps me lot,and he care about my health first,he is best doctor.

Derek M.

The good Doctor is a Rock Star!!

Jasan S.

Amazing consult and very informative

Mike T.

I'm 50 years old. I started this 3 months ago .Dr. Rand is awesome takes he's time for you. I was very depressed before coming with him im already feeling alot better than before.

Alfonso O.

Dr. McClain is wonderful! He answers all your questions and is extremely knowledgeable. I feel fortunate that I found him.

Steve R.



I had a great experience, I'm feeling a lot more energetic. I had al my questions and concerns answered and taken care of.

Jose G.

First off the pre-visit communication is tops so when you get there you get right into the meat and potatoes sort of speak. Dr. McClain had obviously looked over my questionnaire answers and I liked…no, I should say loved the straight shooter talk because when it comes to health and feeling good, honesty and straight talk is the best way to approach it in my humble opinion. It was no pressure, just presenting options and you make the decision as to what you feel is best for you at the time. I liked that he considered other factors as well and not just focused on one thing. I feel like I’m in great hands here and I highly recommend Dr.McClain. Thank you sir!

Luis A.

Everyone was super friendly and helpful. Appreciate all the help

James M.

the best Dr. he listen to what you have to said

Gonzalo V.

Dr. Rand and his staff were welcoming, accessible and informative. I would not hesitate to recommend someone the him!

Heather N.

Everyone I've interacted with from Dr. McClain's office has been so very friendly, kind and professional. They have all allowed me feel comfortable while talking about subjects that can be very uncomfortable. I have already recommended friends and will continue to do so. THANK YOU!!!

Donald L.


Milan C.

It was a great consultation , I learned a lot and felt the Doc listened well and gave good advice.

Kye M.

I have been a patient of Rand's for a long time. Rand always spends a lot of time with you and discusses various options to achieve your goals.

David M.

I have to say my experience thus far has been very good. I give a 4 star only because I want to see how the rest of my visits and follow up phone conversations go, If they go as the beginning, I will definitely be going to a 5 star.

Clifford G.

Dr. McClain is very kind and really takes his time with his patients.

April M.

Dr. McClain and his entire staff are extremely caring about the health and well being or each client and work closely with each client to not only understand their goals and desires; but, to help each client reach their goals and desires.

Dennis S.

Always a pleasure talking to Dr Rand. Such a wealth of knowledge and a caring physician.

Francisco F.

Best medical practice in the industry. Dr Rand is exceptional in his knowledge and expertise. Plus, he works out in the same gym that I consider the best in the world, Golds Venice. The Mecca of Bodybuilding!

Spase T.

Dr. Rand is great! Truly a life changing experience.

Mark L.

Dr. Rand is a world class doctor and a friend who is there for every patient. I would bet most if not all of his 15,000+ patients would say the exact same thing! He pours his heart into helping every patient. Most doctors act like it is a race and must meet number or they will ignore it. Dr. Rand meets with each patient as if they were the only patient in his practice. It's an awesome experience that reminds me of the standard of care that existed in a time long gone. It's refreshing to see it still exist. Not to mention, he has helped in more areas than just straight up hormonal. If you are in doubt, ask. You might be surprised he could know about that other thing also. A very smart doctor. I have been going to him since 2017. I seriously don't think I could have kept my job without his help.

Paul M.

Been with Dr. Rand for 7 years now and I feel great!

David F.

Dr McLain is a smart man with great patient manner

Nick M.

The reference standard second to none. Deeply insightful and exceptionally passionate about his craft. I am grateful and blessed to have Dr. Rand in my corner.

James H.

Rand is always able to solve problems that others never seem to address. He is thorough, patient, kind.

Pam G.

I love Rand!!!

Richard T.

Phenomenal knowledge and bedside manner. A true physician who gives you 100% of his attention.

Michael E.

Dr. McClain is knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He is a life saver! Im so happy that I found him!

Alisha Y.

Dr. Rand is so kind and genuinely cares for his patients. He is also incredibly knowledgable and stays apprised of current research and health trends, which I appreciate.

April M.

Simply - Doc enjoys his job. As a result, he's good at it.

Paul Y.

Been a patient with Dr. Rand for over 4 years and he had greatly assisted me in my journey to an optimized healthy lifestyle!!!

Mark B.


Michael H.

Dr. McClain an outstanding practitioner: focused completely on how I'm feeling and any issues I may be having, attentive, thoughtful, caring and expert in both established and emerging therapies.

Robert W.

The staff is very efficient.. Dr. Rand is great

Allie D.

Working with Dr. McClain and his team has been an excellent experience in every possible way. Dr. McClain's experience and depth of knowledge are unparalleled in this field. And to make this even better, he is a very pleasant person to deal with. With all his knowledge and success comes a very noticeable sincerity, sense of empathy, and a genuine care to help everyone. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate his care. His team is an mazing team as well. Everyone is very courteous and attentive. No problems at all reaching them at any time. Every message or email I send they respond to me immediately with a very friendly and helpful tone. I really cannot recommend Dr. McClain's practice enough.

Moataz K.

Always very informative.

Fred W.

Dr. Rand is not your typical doctor. He takes the time to listen and has the knowledge to enhance your quality of life and overall wellness. I am 43 and I feel like I am 25, I am a true believer in what Dr. Rand and his team are offering to their patients. Dr. Rand is also an expert on nutritional supplements and has advised me on the products that work, the ones to avoid, and the proper dosages. When you read about something new, you can reach out to him and he will know about it. If you want to live at your peak performance, Dr. Rand is your solution.

Zach T.

I had an amazing Experience during my visit. The staff was very professional and attentive, Dr. Rand took his time evaluating my condition and was very thorough with the treatment to ensure it was painless. I highly recommend Dr. Rand and the Amazing venue of Services he offers.

Ralph C.

Dr. Rand is friendly and knowledgeable. I have recommended him to several family members.

Alisha Y.

He is the best, extremely knowledgeable & professional

Victor T.

Dr. Rand and his team are wonderful to work with. They are very responsive and helpful!

Eddie S.

Dr. McClain explained everything thoroughly and listens to your needs.

V J.

Really great experience. Dr Rand is the best communicator I’ve ever dealt with - taking complex topics and turning them tangible and easy to understand.

Ricky B.

Solid advice and feedback, Dr R knows his s$%$ and his team are top notch also.

Glenn K.

I had a very good experience speaking and meeting with Dr McClain..

Frank M.

Awesome. Easy to understand.

Greg E.

Dr. McClain is simply an expert in the areas of longevity and performance. His deep history and experience is unmatched. I am consistently confident in him and his amazing team. Michael and Holly are equally helpful and are always ready and consistent in their support.

Bo K.

Dr. Mclain and the whole staff are very patient , professional, knowledgeable and overall pleasant to work with.

Roland T.

Lance C.

I’m a retired professional athlete with a laundry list of old injuries. I have an extensive experience with sports medicine and orthopedic doctors. I chose Dr. McClain as my provider because he is one of the very best in the industry and is on the cutting edge of modern medical science. Dr. McClain is passionate about his work and this is abundantly clear when you meet him. He explains everything in as much detail as you would like so you can make informed choices in a collaborative effort to get the best outcomes. During my initial meeting with him, he spent nearly an hour and a half answering questions and sharing knowledge with me. During the course of my athletic career I’ve been worked on by dozens of world class doctors who did good work but I’ve never come across a doctor as passionate and invested in getting the absolute best care for me like Dr. McClain.

Dustin C.

Its always good. I appreciate how Rand made the time to tack me on to the end of the day to keep us as close as possible to the schedule.

Paul M.

Dr Rand seems very knowledgeable and is an excellent listener both of which I was looking for. I feel like I have finally found the dr I was looking for. The staff is also exceptional and is quick to respond to any emails or questions I have had. The perfect team!

Jeffrey E.

very informative. I would definitely recommend this office.

Drew B.

Great office, great staff and great doc.

Scott A.

Dr. McClain was extremely thorough in the consultation. The staff is extremely professional and courteous.

Robert A.

Staff is very welcoming, attentive and friendly. Dr. McClain is a pleasurer to work with and cares.

Josef F.

Dr. Rand , Made me feel good about myself and took his time to explain everything that is needed for me and what him and his team could help with.

Alpesh K.

Dr. Rand is exactly what you get. He took his time to explain things from A to Z. Great personality, energy and professionalism. This is my 2nd TRT doctor and I think this is my new home. Office staff is what sold me, which the doc is the icing on the cake!!

Roger C.

It’s the little things that count, once you check in at the reception desk and everyone called you by your last name. They kept offering me water. I immediately felt comfortable. Reception and nursing staff all in sync with each other, great office vibe!

Roger C.

Always making sure that I am doing well and doing MY best. Interested in in how I’m feeling first and truly wanting to help optimize my health. Always takes the time to thoroughly explain everything and makes sure it is understood.

Michael A.

Dr. Explained everything thoroughly to me. Easiest conversation I’ve ever had with a doctor.

Scott W.

Easily the best doctor I have ever come across.

Stephen J.

My appointment was very informative, DR. McClain answered all my questions and put me at ease with any concerns I had.

Jose G.

The doc is perfect !

Lintz F.

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Rand's for a few years . He's kept us looking much younger than others our age lol. (When we went to my husband's 30th reunion, we didn't know who all those old people were). Seriously though, Dr. Rand is very, very well-versed in longevity, health, and wellness. He takes his time to listen to his patients, is a kind, knowledgeable ally in the medical field. He's not just interested in covering up your symptoms; but rather, likes to get to the root cause of the issues/complaints. His staff is also second to none. Mike and Holli have been extremely knowledgeable and are always accessible to us to answer our questions. We'd highly recommend Dr. Rand's practice to anyone considering better health and wellness.

Kimberly G.

Dr. Rand answered all my questions, eased my concerns, and really listened to what I told him I was going through. He is one of the best at what he does, and I feel very fortunate to be a patient of his!

Zane B.

This office is both amazing and knowledgeable! You won’t be disappointed.

Chris T.

Professional & Friendly

Juni A.


Alfonso O.

Dr. McClain are persistent in advocating for their patients, and make patients feel cared.

Ruben B.

Always the best treatment in your office. Dr Rand really gets down to my needs and goes the extra mile to help me with all that is needed.

Edward S.


Bret S.

Just Awesome...Dr. McClain is the ultimate Doctor and Advisor on Health...My Health..Shad

Shad M.

Dr Rand gives is thorough and provides complete answers to my questions. I am always comfortable when I go to his office as his staff is friendly and professional.

Peter K.

Professional and very Knowledgeable. Highly recommend.

Christopher T.

Dr. Rand is the first healthcare provider who took the time to read my file - which was refreshing.

Blake K.

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