Dr. Rand McClain spoke with WOIO-TV in Cleveland about the return of sports. What will it take? McClain says regular testing is key, before they even show up. This would include both testing for the virus and antibodies.

What degree of risk are you willing to assume? Because we are not going to eliminate it 100%,” said McClain. “Get them off the court immediately and isolate them even further than they are already being isolated. Then you go back and find out who they have been in contact with and you want to test those players and personnel as well.”

A silver lining it that none of the players fall into the at risk population. They are not older than 68, are in great shape, and don’t have uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, or COPD. These factors are to be considered when discussing the return of sports.

Although, also to be considered is the different challenges each sport faces. While baseball is facing better odds due to the spread out nature of the game, bets aren’t completely off for basketball and football. “The NFL is in good stead right now because they are a ways off,” said McClain. “I think the NBA is going to be scrutinized a lot more. We are going to see some head to head action, that is the problem, there is a much greater chance of transmitting the virus through the contact sports. This will be a good test.”

Sports fans will just have to wait and see what happens in the coming months.

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