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February Checkin with Regenerative & Sports Medicine

From Dr. Rand,

Just a quick note about fasting to add to last month’s email. I personally completed the ProLon “5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet”. I just finished, and there is more data that I would like to collect and share, but in the meantime:

  1. It was incredibly easy! This from a guy who never missed a meal on purpose in his life.
  2. I lost 3.3% bodyfat and gained 2 lbs. of skeletal muscle mass in those 5 days.
  3. Perhaps, I was lucky or insensitive, but I never experienced any hunger pangs. The portions are divided and enough to stave (not starve) those off throughout the day.
  4. Despite a small drop in energy on Day 2, I enjoyed much more energy throughout the 5-day period and until now.
  5. I feel as though my thinking was and is still clearer and my mind less cluttered.
  6. I worked out and carried on with my usual routine throughout the fast. In fact, I had one of my best tennis workouts ever.
  7. For the fasting cognoscente, despite the food consumed (albeit small amounts) during the 5-Day program, my GKI (“Glucose/Ketone Index”) was as low as 1.05 and often hovered around 1.5 during the last two days. And, during the first two days, the GKI’s were in the 3’s and 4’s.

I will share some of the blood assays and other markers in more detail (I know it’s a population sample size of only 1), but I just wanted to share that, given all the benefits we know are derived from fasting, it seems a “no-brainer” not to complete a fast since it appears to also provide other very tangible benefits than all the benefits touted in studies regarding disease prevention and health.

Best in health,

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High Protein Diets for Health?

A recent article published in Nature Metabolism entitled “High-protein diets increase cardiovascular risk by activating macrophage mTOR to suppress mitophagy” raises suspicion regarding its connection to atherosclerotic plaque initiation and formation. What is particularly interesting about this study is that the mechanism – not just the association – by which the protein causes these plaques to form is determined and elucidated.
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Erectile Dysfunction

A touchy subject (no pun intended) for many often because of the many misconceptions regarding the source of ED. Those with ED worry (contributing to the ED) that their partner(s) will think that they are not sufficiently virile or “manly” or “potent”. In addition, those whose partners suffer from ED worry that the ED is a result of their not being attractive or some other “fault” of theirs.
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