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December Checkin with Regenerative & Sports Medicine

From Dr. Rand,

As we finish up 2019 and begin 2020, I would like to quickly make mention of a few commitments to you:

1. We believe we have come a long way from some of our administrative nightmares of the past, and, through the strategic hiring of key new team members, strive to continually improve our communication with and service to you. I would like to thank those of you that remained patient (no pun intended) with us throughout. Using digital and other technologies such as our Charm Electronic Health Record system, SalesForce and Pardot database software, and Five/Nine telephone system, we expect to integrate more and serve even better in the future. As always, we welcome any suggestions to make our efforts to optimize your health even better.

2. Starting in 2020, we will begin monthly sending email “Newsletters” with information the medical team deems worthy of your attention in the quest for health optimization using the best means available “based in science, proven in practice”. We hope to include something for everyone so that these missives are something to which you look forward rather than a lame punctuation between “Inbox” and “Trash”.

3. Many of you are aware of and have experienced the value of stem cells in regenerative medicine. Some of you have enjoyed the benefits of cord tissue-derived stem cells while waiting for the day when approval for autologous fat-derived stem cells are approved by the FDA. I am very happy to say that the Investigational New Drug (IND) application filed by American Cryostem (CRYO) has been submitted to and reviewed by the FDA and received comments for first edits. This means that those of you who have had your stem cells harvested with us over the last (too many) years will finally be able to legally use them here in the U.S. likely as early as the 2nd or even the 1st quarter of 2020. You, along with some members of the NFL and military, will be the first in the United States to be allowed treatment with these stem cells legally!

4. Lastly, Happy Holidays! Let's make it a great new year!

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Winter Travel Tips

Winter Travel Tips to Stay Healthy

Dr. Rand has been getting a ton of questions regarding staying healthy in the holiday season, so we pulled together some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. What is the number one tip for travelers for staying healthy this winter when traveling?
The most important immune supporting tool that I see most in the Western world eschew is adequate sleep. While it is generally believed that it is not really possible to “boost” immune function without drugs...
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2. How do breathing exercises and increasing fiber in the diet help ward off sickness?
Breathing exercises and other methods (eg, meditation and yoga) of reducing stress (and excess cortisol levels) can help keep the immune system functioning at its best. In addition, keeping fiber in the diet helps...
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3. Is there something travelers can do the week before they travel, as well as when they arrive at their destination and when they get back home?
Other than sleep, exercise, and nutrition as mentioned above, if one suspects one has been exposed or will be exposed to virus, zinc lozenges and nasal sprays have been shown to reduce the severity and duration of a virus. Use of echinacea or astragalus...
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How to Join Regenerative & Sports Medicine
How to Join Regenerative & Sports Medicine
Hormone Optimization Treatment Plan

Fitness Consideration in 2020


Dr. Rand looks ahead to 2020 to discuss fitness trends, areas to focus on, and some elements we can leave behind in this coming new year.
Health Optimization Treatment Plan

Pre & Post Workout Tools


Discover some of Dr. Rand and the team at Regenerative & Sports Medicine's most useful tools before and after a workout to help your body recover.
Regenerative & Sports Medicine

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