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01. Reach Out to Us

By filling out the information below, one of our experienced team members can reach out to you with more information and schedule a free VIP consultation to share how we partner with you to optimize your health and quality of life.

Second Step

02. Initial Phone Consult

Your initial phone consultation will last approximately 15 minutes, where our team helps determine a potential course of treatment and asks you a few questions about your health & availability.

Third Step

03. Join the Private Facebook Page!

Listeners of Mind Pump, when becoming a patient of Regenerative & Sports Medicine, will be invited to join a private Facebook page. Access allows you to chat/ask questions frequently with your Mind Pump hosts, Dr. Rand McClain, and executive members of Regenerative & Sports Medicine’s team.

Mind Pump Media (#1 podcast fitness and health) and Regenerative & Sports Medicine (world’s leading doctor in bHRT) are proud to partner together, for you!

Learn how Regenerative & Sports Medicine partners with you to Optimize your Health and Quality of Life.

Fill out information, click send, and an executive team member from Regenerative & Sports Medicine will contact you.