Founder and D.O.

Rand McClain

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Dr. McClain earned his medical degree at Western University and completed his internship at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine Residency Program (U.S.C. California Hospital) and has worked with some of the best and original innovators in Sports, Rejuvenative, Regenerative (“Anti-Aging”), Cosmetic and Family Medicine.

Dr. McClain has participated in professional and elite amateur sport as an individual participant and as well as a member of two U.S. teams and continues to participate competitively. His work is published in peer-reviewed and popular journals and he enjoys sharing and participating in the beneficial changes he helps create in people’s lives.
Dr. McClain has dedicated over 35 years of his personal and professional life studying nutrition, exercise, herbs and supplements and is also a Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Dr. McClain is Chief Medical Officer of Live Cell Research; a company dedicated to the discovery and development of products designed to enhance health and quality of life through epigenomic manipulation. Dr. McClain is also a Medical Advisory Board member of American Cryostem, a publicly traded company operating clinical laboratories dedicated to the collection, processing, bio-banking, culturing and differentiation of autologous adipose tissue (fat) and adipose derived stem cells (ADSCs). Dr. McClain is also a Board Member of Z.E.N. Foods; a gourmet food delivery and nutrition service company that provides individually designed meal programs in conjunction with health providers and its own registered dietician. Dr. McClain is also proud to be a member of the National Veteran Foundation’s Advisory Board and a Sergeant with the Manzanita Police.

Professional Affiliations
  • American Medical Association
  • Endocrine Society
  • American Society for Bariatric Physicians
  • American Society for Apheresis
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • California State Oriental Medicine Association
  • USA Weightlifting
  • American Osteopathic Association
  • American Academy of Anti-Aging
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • American Academy for the Advancement of Science
  • National Sports Acupuncture Association
  • Florida Medical Association