Dr. Rand had the chance to speak to the Kansas City Star this week about Patrick Mahomes injury during his game against the Denver Broncos that teammates said “didn’t look like a knee“.

While not directly part of the medical team handling Mahomes’ care, Dr. Rand was part of a team of experts the Star contacted to learn more from the information we have at hand.


Patellar Dislocation

The Chief’s vice president of sports medicine Rick Burkholder provided the public Mahomes’ injury designation Wednesday following the game. By definition, this means Mahomes’ injury includes damage to his medial patellofemoral ligament – meaning there is increased risk for future dislocations.

“It might not affect him ever again. But the odds are now increased that it might.” Dr. Rand mentioned while speaking with the Star. “Something in there has to have been stretched or torn for the kneecap to be dislocated.”

Alongside Dr. Rand, several other medical experts spoke about the increased risk Mahomes is facing, as well as the challenges his medical team now face when gauging his timeframe for recovery.

Mahomes movement during practice was part of his rehabilitation, and doesn’t mean he’s ready to play at a professional level soon.


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